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    Windows 7, OS drive filled up , no room left on drive
    Determined C:\windows\temp has most of the files causing them issue.
    The folder has mostly large .cab files
    If you delete the files, they reappear quickly

    Trusted Installer log file issue
    This is a known problem with Windows 7, 8, and 2008 R2
    Caused, by large Component-Based Servicing logs. These are stored at C:\Windows\Logs\CBS. The current log file is named “cbs.log”. When “cbs.log” reaches a certain size, a cleanup process renames the log to “CbsPersist_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.log” and then attempts to compress it into a .cab file.
    This is repeated until the system runs out of drive space.

    Possible Solution:
    Stop the Windows Modules Installer service. Go to administrative tools then services
    Press Enter and you see the Local Services list.
    Go to Windows Modules Installer service and stop it.
    Go to C:\Windows\Logs\CBS.
    Move or rename all of the files in that folder.
    Delete all the “cab*” files in your Windows Temp folder

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